Did you know that you should be tailoring your Resume to every job you apply to?

For example, suppose the job description asks for someone who’s “smart, and motivated” How do you say, “Hey, that’s me!” without saying, “I’m a highly motivated and smart person.”

Want the short answer; You use your relevant experience and career skills to prove it out.

Read on to learn more.

Job Posting is asking for a "Strong Communicator"

This is a great opportunity to write about how you communicate within your organization. Highlight the responsibilities where you need to interact with customers and clients or other employees. This can also be done by explaining other forms of communication as in phone and email. Here’s your place to discuss roles in which you wrote or spoke. Use your actual job experience to highlight your communication skills.

Real World Examples:

  • Addressed over 20 clients on a weekly basis, on improving their experience with our product and services.
  • Transcribed weekly status meetings to communicate agency network updates.


Key Words: addressed, corresponded, persuaded, publicized, reconciled, negotiated, interacted


Job Posting is asking for a "Team Player"

Perfect time to highlight the experience you have working in a team. This should be an easy one since everyone has sometime or another worked collaboratively with another on a project or assignment.

For example:

  • Partnered with 10 clients on improving workplace harassment awareness.
  • Successfully launched a multi-million dollar insurance application through partnership with Insurance Company.


Key Words: collaborate, partner, participate, merge, unite, contribute


Job Posting is looking for a "Leader"

Here's your chance to display your leadership skills where you either inspire, teach or motivate others. If you are not in a managerial rule already this may be a little difficult by think of experiences where you took the lead on a project

For example:

  • Supervised 3 interns and conducted weekly status report meetings.
  • Coordinated the weekly sprint calls and communicated the top priorities for the upcoming week.


Key Words: liaise, manage, supervise, teach, inspire, recruit, advise, influence, administer, instruct, guide, direct, counsel, arbitrate, coordinate

Job Posting is looking for a someone who is "Creative"

Majority of people associate the word "creative" to someone who is in graphic design or some type of arts role. However that is not the case in the job world. Hiring managers are looking for people who think outside the box and bring a different way of thinking a project through.

For example:

  • Implemented new process improvements across the organization while reducing helpdesk tickets by 15%.
  • Constructed a fundraising script to increase volunteer participation.


Key Words: implement, develop, initiate, solve, revise, create, design, launch, pioneer, innovate, suggest


Job Posting is looking for a "Self-Starter"

As spoke about before with team work now you will need to explain how you can work alone or with limited supervision. This lets employers know that you can work on projects without constant micro management.

For example:

  • Gathered relevant feedback from clients on how to improve our services.
  • Guided interns on their first day at work by introducing them to the team and resolving any first day issues or concerns.


Key Words: proactively, independent, anticipate, identify/resolve, offer