90% of resumes are screened by robots.

SkillSyncer is a platform for job seekers that intelligently scans a job description and identifies missing skills and keywords from your resume.

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Optimize a resume in three simple steps


Step One

Upload (.doc, .docx, .pdf, .txt) or paste your resume.


Step Two

Paste the job description from the job posting you are intersted in or are applying for.


Step Three

Review the informative feedback provided to optimize and tailor your resume, and rank higher in companies' application tracking system.

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The easiest way to improve your resume and get noticed.


Recruiters rank applicants by matching keywords; uncover important skills and qualifications missing from your resume so you are not overlooked.


Identify Common resume mistakes. Receive detailed feedback on multiple factors that help you optimize your resume.


View prior resume scans and track improvements over time. See how each resume scan has improved your job match score.

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Basic Plan

  • 1 Resume Scan with Job Match Calculation
  • 1 Skill and Keyword Report
  • 1 Limited Resume Critique
  • 1 New Scan Every Week
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Monthly Unlimited Plan

$9.99/ mo
  • Unlimited Resume Scans
  • Unlimited Job Match Calculations
  • Unlimited Keyword Optimization
  • Unlimited Skills Optimization
  • Unlimited Resume Critique
  • Identify Common Resume Issues
  • Unlimited Resume Scan History
  • Renews Monthly
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Can I Cancel My Premium Account?

Yes, you can cancel your monthly premium subscription anytime by logging in to your account and going to your account profile.

What Types of Payment Do You Accept?

Our online payment provider Stripe processes all payments through their secure checkout, which accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Is My Data Safe and Secure?

SkillSyncer protects your personal information with multiple layers of security, including data encryption. You can delete previous scans as well as all data at any time.

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Tailoring your resume to a job description is essential to stand out as the right candidate.

By tailoring your resume, you present yourself as relevant and qualified for the position.