-- Our Mission --

SkillSyncer's mission is to help job seekers worldwide improve their interview chances through resume optimization and proper keyword utilization.

Our Story

SkillSyncer was founded in early 2018 by a U.S. Army Veteran who ultimately discovered the key to landing interviews was through a properly tailored resume.

About Us

At SkillSyncer, we all come to work every day because we want to solve one of the biggest problems within the job search process, Getting Noticed! Job Seekers apply to hundreds of open positions only to hear back from less than a handful of those. Hiring Managers and Recruiters disregard thousands of potentially qualified applicants because of missing skills and keywords.

Throughout the history of applying for jobs, people have gone from handing a paper resume in person to submitting resumes through an online portal known as an Applicant Tracking System. This new process has become known as the black hole of the application process with no indication that a human has ever seen your resume.

Our overall goal at SkillSyncer is to educate job seekers on the proper ways to tailor and optimize a resume for ATS's. Today we provide the most actionable feedback & data in the industry. We want to make this tool available to job seekers worldwide and at any level of career experience.

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